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Kamis, 03 Februari 2011


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INFO: masih perawan gan ne server
Ratenya bingung jg gw gan, baca dr website resminya kek gni :
As the server progresses we would like to constantly monitor the rate of experience gain on the server. Clearly people will not play a 4x server as we have now when its a month old and they are too far behind.

I have a suggestion to put to you all and want opinions on it for the progression of the server.

Present Rates: 4x All

2 Weeks in: 6x lv1-40, 4x lv41-55 (Speeds the earlier levels up a little for new players)

4 Weeks in: 8x lv1-35, 6x lv36-45, 4x lv46-55

6 Weeks in: 10x lv1-35, 8x lv35-45, 6x lv46-55

And continue to progress in this manner making it slightly faster to level, we will also be looking to add higher level caps as people start hitting the cap in numbers.

Bank di disable.
ene server bwt yg niat maen aj gan. cekidot

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