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Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Kamis, 14 April 2011


- Rates: 
-EXP x1000 
-Drop x30
-Animus: x500
- Skills of the Grand Update 
- Required doping in NPC CashShop 
- Teleport to PB from NPC Coordinator Move 
- Taliko and stones T4 NPC Collector Taliko 
- 35-60 Int Weapon from merchants rare weapon 
- 35-65 Int belongings from merchants Rare Armour 
- All chips of all kinds from NPC Storekeeper 
- SP armor level 65 with a kukri snakehead captain in the Land of Bums-Weapon level 65 type C with DDD or Schutt Santa in The Lost Land of Elves (attack of weapons of relatively Int arms raised) 
- Farm: 40kk - 99 width (with Flem) 900kk - 99 times the gremlins or eye hunter with a kukri in the Land of Bums, 200kk - 1 diamond necklace Queen Kalin with Santa Schutt in Lost Land of Elves 

Update on 19/03/2011 

- Armor of Light: 
Enhanced armor gives a bonus to the set. The bonus is similar to the relic bonus set, but each value by 10 units less. 
Where to get: head - Shutt at the center sets the Desert torso - Berserker squad tombstone colony Numerus, legs - Blood Templar in the gate 117, arms - Aizen The Destroyer in strengthening Anakada, feet - are obtained by combining 1999 and crystal talik Int level 65 feet on required class 

Announcement on 03/25/2011 green that has been done in red that will be completed yet 

Download the update patch from 23.03.2011 

-Removed completely from the server listing on lvl 50 and 56, will have to check the pumping (while there were no problems). 
Removed from the Reno-Flem (prices loot and so h1000, so that for the first time in the general locations will suffice, and farm are always interesting in general). 
-Changed the price an NPC collector taliks (h1000), NPS Storekeeper (x10). 
-In connection with low online is reduced HP chip (ChipVar) now they 2.000.000. 
-Just out of the chip (ChipVar) removed all the trash and added a 100% modifier [3-5] of grace, mercy and chaos. 
-NPCs will KeshShop uvelichiny prices, all will cost 1.000 platinum (dope, life, etc. Mr. Zelenka). 
-Added NPC KeshShop Jewellery Akrety 25/20 Attack / Dodge (ring, amulet) 25/25 attack / def (ring, amulet). 
Bellato 20/20 Attack / Dodge (ring) 20/20 attack / def (ring), 20 Dodge (amulet), 20 def (amulet). 
Crust 20/20 Attack / Dodge (amulet) 20/20 attack / def (amulet), 20 Dodge (ring), 25 attack (the ring). 
Their prices will be on 250.000 platinum for 1 pcs. 
Just Doble int modifiers 3.5 100% ignorant and pokravitelstva, envelopes T5. 
NPS-supplier cloak of 220,000,000 platinum will cost exactly 500.000. 
-NPCs in PvP Points were all cleaned and Doble 70 relics (the initial stats as 45 rel 7) cape lvl 65 (around 30/ko) Crimson Bijan 45. 
NPS-rare weapon harvested 65 int weapons and zamenino 70 int (stats as 65 +4) transfer is not possible. 
alternative weapon lvl 65 (Light Gun lvl 65, SP 65 lvl 65 lvl normal weapons (to be added modifiers ignorance [3-6]). 
NPS-Rare armor added to 70 Int armor.

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