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Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

-RF Estario-

- Update 2.2.3
- Rates: x75000
- Skills of the Grand Update
- Required doping in NPC CashShop
- Teleport to PB from NPC Coordinator Move
- Taliko and stones T5 at NPC Collector Taliko
- The helmet dealer elemental jewelry
- On Guard in Kragovyh Mines only DSU
- With luck cubes only keys to the citadel
- With the dwarf arachnids at Elan Crystal portioning precipitations
- With Flem Cubs - Briliantovoe necklace Kalihi (1 piece ~ 220kk racial currency)
- From Vertobotov relics level 55
- Aligned to obtain PvP points by grade
- Quest printout only 56 levels
- 35-65 Int Weapon from merchants rare weapon
- 35-65 Int belongings from merchants Rare Armour
- Attack of the insurgent weapons displayed at level 55 int weapons
- All chips of all kinds from NPC Storekeeper
- Enhance the relic armor level 50 (enhanced protection rates, the rate ext. Protect aligned 65 int armor, the required level of 65)
- Increased attack animus Isis
- Increased the HP MAU: Goliath - 1kk, Balista - 500k
- Increased the number of rounds for grenikov 100 times

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