-FIRE 1-




Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

-RF Night Zone-

RF-NightZone x500
exp - X 500,
animus, x750000,
loot x100.
Skill and PT GM
Skill of the Grand Apa for BB

Printouts are!
Included the ability to understand the conversation of another race. Generators are added to the pack)
Farm for beginners to Flem (Drop Varma - pack 59kk)
Bundle Glue, Rina, Biim - 200kk
Bundle Straps - 254kk
Bundle Glazov Hunter - 380kk (Drop in VC with Pchi) Crystal Taliko with Cultist Narooma Lieutenants
Boxes with Talik Cultist Narooma Captains
Punches for int Exodus from Stoker Droid (BoP VC) Drop from the chips (FT)
Taliko all but forgotten
T4 stones
T5 Envelopes (And as they fall from the Kalihi Archers)
Shop Items:
Swiftness Potion
Liquid Revival
Capsule shift specialization
Teleport - Teleports you to the selected character (disabled)
Svyatyaschayasya Gold Box
Capsule Recovery Experience [100%]
And more ...

Drop from the Guardian.
Temporary weapon Elves
Temporary Jewellery
And a lot of different ...

Cash Shop at NPC
Weapons 35-65 int from NPC
Weapons 35-65 White at NPC
Relic weapons from NPC
Shields Int 35-65 at NPC

Armor 50-65 INT at NPC
Taliko in NPC (not all)
Taliko Ignorance, Chaos, Nourish, Mercy, Grace in the Desert Settovoy
"On Guard Miller, Knights, Destroyers (About teleports her and enemy races)
Farm taliks for 60 + in VC with Schutt. Elemental Jewellery with Vertobotov. (For beginners) 20/20 20
Jewellery Adventurer Eteri at the NPC
Jewellery citadel with Zmeegolova kukri Captain (ZI)
Cartridges for grenika to 3k with the Warriors Lazuvardinov
Maximum number of racial currency in inventory 2.5kkk
The maximum amount of platinum in the inventory 15kk
Included in Kutch MAU!
Elf Weapon 65 in Earth Elves
Chip A, B, C with Luzavardinov (Mine)
Antigrav lvl 50 +1.50 to run, and 15 from Crete. (Caterer)
Teleport to Kalianu with Flem.
Shop teleports in NPC (at Eteri near the typewriter)
Buffs to 2160 seconds.
On one envelope T5 you get to 5 stones ...
Jade with Flem
Cuba's quest for the "print" in the desert Settvoy Zamesto raptors!
Rep. Renegade - 10 sec.

Walnuts are issued for a vote at the top!
That may fall from walnut:
Cloak Attack: 25 Attack%, ​​1 to run, 30 of Crete.
Cloak of Protection: 25% protection, 1 for Vega, 30% of Crete.
Lucky Cloak: 25 Dodge, 1 to run, 35% of Crete.
Cloak of the tanker: 25% HP / FP, 1 to Vega, 25% of Crete.
Cloak of the Anti Mage: 25 Pair. el. Attacks, 1 to run, 35% of Crete.
Cloak of the Eagle's Eye: 30 accuracy, 1k Vega, 35% of Crete.
Rice: Recover HP 2000 without delay. (20 units).
Liquid Revival (10pc).
Change the name (1pc).
Hot chocolate (10 pieces).
Roasted sweet potatoes (10pc).
Increasing the capsule Depot (1 piece).
50 Leon Weapon.

Voting for officers:
May vote only!
Character is not below level 55.
No less than 30k pts Status.
And more than 10 hours spent in the game (each week)

Hidden Content

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